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Honeywell's Low-Global-Warming Propellant Powers New Aerosol For Rash Treatment 

Solstice® Propellant delivers significant performance, safety and environmental benefits

MORRIS TOWNSHIP, N.J., Oct. 2, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Honeywell (NYSE: HON) announced today that its low-global-warming propellant, Solstice® Propellant, is being used in a new diaper rash aerosol treatment for infants, toddlers and adults.

Mission Pharmacal Co., a U.S. manufacturer of diaper rash ointments, is using Solstice Propellant in its new line of Dr. Smith's®-brand diaper rash sprays. Solstice Propellant, which has a global warming potential (GWP) of less than 1, enables the new product line to have a lower global warming impact than aerosols using other propellants. The new products are some of the first low-GWP spray treatments for rashes on the market today.

"Solstice Propellant provides Mission Pharmacal and its customers with the best of both worlds – the performance of today's propellants with greatly reduced environmental impact," said David Cooper, global business director for Honeywell's Fluorine Products business. "Because it complies with major environmental regulations around the world, Solstice Propellant is being steadily adopted by companies seeking to sell their products in multiple markets."

In addition to personal care products, Solstice Propellant is used in aerosols for automotive, electronics and industrial applications, including air horns, dusters and cleaning sprays. Honeywell announced in July 2011 that it was investing $33 million in its Baton Rouge, La. manufacturing facility to supply Solstice Propellant to aerosol manufacturers globally.

"When we were looking at propellants to use in our new aerosol diaper rash sprays, it became clear that Solstice Propellant satisfied our product performance needs," said Neill Walsdorf Jr., president of Mission Pharmacal Co. "It provides significant environmental benefits, meets all of our formulation requirements, and easily integrates into our manufacturing process."


Source: http://honeywell.com/News/Pages/Honeywells-Low-Global-Warming-Propellant-Powers-New-Aerosol-For-Rash-Treatment.aspx

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